Turning Your Weakness Into A Strength

Turning Your Weakness Into A Strength

Turning Your Weakness Into A Strength

It can be a real downer when we have experienced something devastating and disappointing but it doesn’t have to define you and it doesn’t have to end at that.

Today we will venture into turning a weakness into a strength.

Some people find it difficult to talk about their weaknesses and their strengths because it is not commonly talked about unless you are at a nerve wrecking job interview that we probably did not prepare for and now have to botch what we deem to be a satisfying answer to the employer.

Counteracting Negative And Positive

How is it that we shy away from these conversations that can be very beneficial for the parties involved?.

It is because when we do talk about our strengths or weaknesses it is usually in a negative light. 

We say “I’m very good at baking” and it may come off arrogant so in order to counteract the other we say something that takes the impact off by stating “but I’m a totally dummy with technology” or something to dampen you’re strength so it doesn’t come off as too much for the other person(s).

I am very guilty of doing this. It is how majority of the population communicate.

It is what we know to do or just be plain timid or arrogant and don’t care.

Up until recently, I learned how to maneuver throughout these kind of conversations with grace and dignity.

I had been putting myself down in order to boost other’s self esteem and ultimately tarnishing my own.

I realized that I felt terrible after such sessions and didn’t know what to do about it! 

The answer is right within us – STOP! It’s that simple! Stop putting yourself down. Instead, uplift yourself and others.

What about uplifting each other simultaneously like we’re supposed to?.

If we can’t have an exchange of positive energy between two or more individuals, it is not worth having those friendships for much longer.

Fix the friendships or love them from a distance.

How My Weakness Became A Strength

Initially, I was stuck in a place of misery because of the weakness I had of putting myself down to build another person up.

It transformed into a strength when I mustered up the courage to stop once and for all.

Once I overcame, I saw how positive my mind became, just by having a better outlook on myself.

Now my strength from that weakness is teaching others how to do the same.

It isn’t easy and I still struggle from time to time about how I can exercise this practice without hurting others or relationships.

It’s like a dance of tango, you take the appropriate steps to maneuver without either of you getting hurt.

Whatever Our Weakness Are Now They Can Be Turned Into A Strength Later On.

No matter what your weaknesses are now, they can be used for strength! For example, If you are a drug addict, drugs would be considered your weakness, to relapse and fall behind in your journey.

Everybody is disappointed in you, your mother, kids, friends etc..even you’re disappointed in yourself because you were doing so well and boom! back to square one.

A mistake doesn’t have to define you! every time you fall be sure and willing to get back up.

Drug addiction is not something that is easy to break but trying and willing to rise above, get clean and live a normal life without drug use speaks VOLUMES!

In my humble opinion, being a voice for the drug addicts would be your strength once you are able to overcome it.

“You can do all things through Christ who gives your strength” – Philippians 4:13.

With God you can overcome anything that is set before you and God can also use you to be a testimony to others on their journeys from substance abuse.

So never for one second think that your weakness is just that, it can definitely be turned into your strength and the strength you can give to others.

Have you been able to turn your weakness into a strength? You are welcome to share it in the comments section below.

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