Ticks Are Out – How To Protect Yourself And Your Dog

Ticks Are Out – How To Protect Yourself And Your Dog

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The First Day Of Spring! - Not Quite

After a winter that felt like it dragged on and on with a few crazy ice storms to follow, its finally warm and we can get outdoors to enjoy the lovely weather, unfortunately the ticks are out too.

It’s an awesome feeling to be able to wear tanks and shorts and not be layered up in all the bulk of winter gear but with the warmer weather comes the creepy crawlies…


Life And Victims Of A Tick

These round, flat, eight-legged, sons-of-pups are out and about too.

From eggs to larvaes, nymphs and finally adults, they are out enjoying the warmth as much as we do but guess what?

After being in a state called dispause, much like hibernation for several months at a time, They are out for BLOOD!.

It wouldn’t have been so bad if they just took the blood and ran but sometimes they can pass on life-threatening illnesses (to us and our fur babies) like Lyme, Babesiosis and Ehrlighiosis diseases just to name a few.

They can be found in tall grass areas, hanging off the blades with their sensors (Haller’s Organ) waiting to grab hold of its host…this is called questing. This “sensor” detects heat, humidity, hosts etc.

An ideal host can be cats, dogs, humans, deer, livestock etc. It uses it’s serrated mouth parts to puncture and lock itself unto your flesh so it is hard to dislodge them.

A protein in the saliva is released so that the victim wouldn’t feel the tick’s feeding, allowing them to stay on its host for days or weeks at a time.

Tick photo

Be On The Look Out For Ticks

On one of my dear husband’s nature photography ventures, he got carried away with a beautiful Milbert’s Tortoiseshell butterfly and before he knew it, he had been waist deep into a grassy area.

He had totally forgotten of being cautious about ticks!.

As a photographer, its not uncommon to end up in crazy locations and positions to capture the perfect shot but as soon as his subject flew off, he immediately came to the realization and shot right out of there, checking and dusting himself off but it wasn’t good enough.

Later that night as we were just winding down from the day’s activities, lo and behold!.

A 3 mm hard tick is crawling on the wall!. Immediately we got it into an old supplement bottle and got rid of it but that was quite the scare.

What if we hadn’t seen that tick on our wall?

tick on the skin

Friends, we must protect ourselves from these nasty blood-sucking parasites.

They have the potential to hurt our families with vicious tick-borne diseases that attacks multiple organs like the heart, skin, nervous system and joints, resulting in death or a reduced quality of life.

How To Protect Your Family?

Avoid tall grassy areas – Stick to the center of the trail or in lesser grassy areas to avoid the tick clinging onto you.

Cover your skin with long pants and sleeves – Tuck your pants into your socks and tuck your shirt into your pants for protection, wear gloves when possible.

Tick repellent – Use a safe and effect natural tick repellent on your skin, shoes, clothes and dog.

Check your body thoroughly – Using a mirror, check your entire body for any ticks and get someone to check the hard to see areas.

Check your dog – Thoroughly look over your dog especially in the spots like between the toes, eye lids, around the tail and back legs.

Natural Tick Repellect Recipe for humans & dogs:

8 oz Spray bottle

20 drops Lavender essential oil
20 drops Geranium essential oil
50 ml Apple cider vinegar
4 oz. of water
Shake well
Apply to shoes, pants bottoms and spray on dogs.

How To Remove A Tick?


Take a shower as soon as possible to wash away any other possible ticks on you.

Throw your clothes in the dryer at a high temperature for at least 10 minutes to kill any hiding ticks.
Use tweezers or tick removal tool.

Gently apply a firm grip to the mouth parts of the tick, get as close to the skin as possible.
Slowly pull until the tick releases.

If the mouth parts got left behind, remove with tweezers.

Clean the area with Colloidal Silver (fights against bacteria, viruses, infections and parasites).

If you are concerned and/or feel under the weather, seek medical attention immediately.

Bare in mind that symptoms of infection are not always obvious or present.


Avoid twisting or squeezing.

DO NOT use your bare hands to pull it off as this may cause the tick to regurgitate it’s content back into your skin, putting you at risk for unwanted diseases.

DO NOT try to smother the tick with alcohol, Vaseline or lotion.

What are your experiences with repelling ticks? Let me know in the comments below.

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