Love Yourself Enough To Live A Healthier Lifestyle

Love Yourself Enough To Live A Healthier Lifestyle

Love Yourself Enough To Live A Healthier Lifestyle

It took me a long time to come to this point of my life. I had become somewhat reckless in my actions towards health when I wasn’t seeing any results. I really let myself go since gaining 50 extra pounds. My zeal for life dwindled to a crisp and I felt so unattractive.

My weight had become such a problem that I could no longer purchase clothes off-the-rack in a regular retail store.


I Disliked Shopping

One time ago, I went to a Jeans store and asked the floor attendant where I would find their plus sizes and she said that they didn’t carry my size but there’s a Morrices (plus size store) a couple of doors down.

I was mortified but left and made my way to the other store. I was relieved to find that there were tons of options for me to choose from and I quickly grabbed a couple pairs of jeans and a top to match…

I’m in the dressing room trying on the first jeans and the top; you wouldn’t believe that the outfit that had looked so good to me in my head was just awful in the mirror.

The top was so unflattering, it exposed all my problem areas and the jeans were just not what I had pictured…I bought the first jeans and left, disappointed.

I got to a place where I just bought what could fit me, I had lost my sense of style and shopping wasn’t fun anymore. I no longer recognized myself and I’d lost all hope but over time I learned how to love myself enough to live a healthier lifestyle.


Baby Steps To Self-Love

It didn’t happen overnight. Matter of fact, it took me sometime to realize that I needed to love myself the way I was in order to make the necessary changes to become a healthier me.

I started out by taking baby steps and setting reminders in place to keep me focused on my overall goal of self-love and there have been a dramatic change.

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List Of Self-Love Reminders

Here is a list of reminders that you can focus on to get you started on your own journey of love towards yourself.

1. Start each day off by telling yourself something positive – You’ve been in a funk for a while and you’ve been putting yourself down.

It’s time to say good things about yourself and that creates a mind-body connection to heal your prospective towards yourself.

2. Write out powerful affirmations and speak them into your life — Again being positive is key, whatever thoughts or words you put out into universe it comes back to you.

I have been speaking them more so than writing.

3. Purchase/pick yourself a bunch of flowers – This gesture is a reminder of how precious and delicate you are as an individual.

It brightens your outlook on life and you feel loved and appreciated.

4. Go for a walk and enjoy your own company – Rediscover yourself, this time is crucial in one’s life.

It helps to clear your mind, reset your priorities and become more connected with yourself. It is not a selfish act, it is how you take care of you.

5. Let yourself day-dream – Imagine your life as you’d like it to turn out. Let your future unfold in your mind with absolute surety of achieving this goal.

6. Accept change as a natural part of life – It is sometimes hard to imagine a life other than your current one but as you day dream and gravitate more towards your goal.

You have to allow yourself to receive prosperity because you deserve it.

7. Start a blog/journal – This captures your life as a testimony to see where you first began and your progress so far.

This also allows you to share your story and connect with others just like you. This is where I am now (Blog).

8. Forgive yourself – It is time to forgive yourself for any mistakes you have made in the past. This sets you free from being a prisoner of yourself.

Benefits of forgiving yourself are; peace of mind, self-compassion and love.

9. Stop comparing yourself to others – When you realize how awesome and beautiful you are, the illusion of others being better than you will start to fade away.

10. Give up the need for approval of others – We’ve been conditioned to believe that we need to self-market ourselves for acceptance from others.

This kind of thinking holds us back from our full potential and makes it hard to find genuine love and connections with others.

11. Celebrate your achievements – Whether big or small, always celebrate your goals and victories that you have accomplished.

This keeps you motivated to carry on with your journey.

12. Voice your failures – Talk about your struggles with a trusted relative or friend regardless of good or bad.

We are not perfect, there will be tough times ahead but having a friend that you can communicate with will give you that exchange in life-giving energy that you will need in these times.

Be sure to return the favor when your chance arrives. And it will.

How have you been living a healthier lifestyle? I would love to hear below.

April Turnbull

Hello, I'm April and my mission here is to get down to the nitty-gritty of reclaiming my health and connecting with other women out there that are struggling with their self-image, fertility, weight loss issues and overall wellness.

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