How To Take Your Health Back

How To Take Your Health Back

How To Take Your Health Back

They say, “The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”. There could not have been a truer statement.

Often times we set goals and aspirations but we never follow through with them. It’s like we completely forget what we wanted to accomplish.

Sometimes these can be simple goals like; household chores, grocery shopping, reading a book etc but yet we find ways to procrastinate.

This is much like when we delay on taking care of our health. It is the single most important thing we can do for ourselves to avoid the detrimental ailments that seems to have taken over our nation.

A Procrastination Story;

As I know, through frustration, I’d diet and binge back and forth resulting in me being heavier than I was before. I made up every excuse in the books to eat and drink whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted.

I figured I was an adult and could make my own decisions. I could simple live my life, my way — this is true but how far was it going to get me?…

When I finally came to terms that I needed to exercise love-self, I also came to the realization that I had to exercise self-preservation too! but how was I going to do that? I ignored all the signs my body was sending me just to justify my actions to eat and “live” freely.

Self-Preservation Plan 

In my self-preservation plan, I managed to come up with a few ideas that have been the stepping stones of taking my health back under control.

  •  Rule out any health problems:- Often times our bodies shows us signs that there is a problem on the inside and sometimes, it does not. Ruling out any health problems with your health care provider can get you on your way to finding a solution.
  • Drink lots of water:- Yessss, we are all guilty of the avoiding this life-giving substance that makes up to 60% of our bodies. It is very important that we make sure to drink plenty of water a day to maintain our hydration levels.                                               
  •  Adequate amounts of sleep:- “Sleep is super important”, says the night owl! yes, I seem to be naturally, extremely, nocturnal. No matter how hard I’ve tried, my body wants to naturally sleep during the day and be wide awake at night but this does not disrupt my sleep needs. Most healthy adults require between 7-9 hours of sleep per night to function at their best so aim to get at least 7 hours for optimum health. 
  •  Fasting and praying:- This is vital to your success. As you fast, you become pure and of sound mind to connect to your creator. This is the body’s natural “reset” button. 
  • Herbs, essential oils & Supplements:- There are lots of herbs, oils and supplements to help you on your journey of reclaiming your health. Work with a naturalist to figure out which herbs are the best for your specific needs.
  • Detox your body & environment:- Cleaning house of toxic chemicals from your body and household. There are so much toxic substances in our household like; shampoos, bath soaps, detergents and lotions. A great way to get these harmful products away from our households are to replace them one by one…it’s less expensive this way.
  • Raise healthy children:- Our children are the most precious jewels in our lives and their health should be our main priority. Healthy foods, products and environment. Our kids should experience a rich childhood that is pure, wholesome and happy. Too many kids are sick and unhealthy these days. If we show them a healthy lifestyle early on, they are lightly to maintain it into adulthood.
  • Mediation:- Calming down and relaxing from this fast paced life. Some days it really feels like there are not enough hours in a day to get daily tasks completely. “Slowing your role” for at least 30 mins daily can really help to de-stress. 
  • Love yourself & Others:- We live in a world that stresses on loving others but we should love everyone including OURSELVES. How often do we neglect ourselves to take care of the needs of others? – it is noble to be selfless but the saying goes “love your neighbor as you love YOURSELF…we’ve forget ourselves along the way. Exercising self-love is vital to taking back control over our health. Once we have learned to love ourselves then we can truly love others.

How have you been taking control over your health? Let me know in the comments.

April Turnbull

Hello, I'm April and my mission here is to get down to the nitty-gritty of reclaiming my health and connecting with other women out there that are struggling with their self-image, fertility, weight loss issues and overall wellness.

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  1. Very Nice overview! Love that you talked about self love and meditation, Vital yet so easy to overlook.

    1. Hi Stacy,

      It is so true, It’s great for our sanity! so glad that you stopped by, thanks for reading 🙂


  2. Water and sleep, the two factors that most people ignore. I recently took 30 days water challenge, and it made me realize how amazing I felt with a better hydration. The hype is real. I really want to try essential oils now, but I have to figure out ways that I can use them to improve my wellness. I’ve heard they are wonderful. Thank you for sharing!

    1. Hi Quirky Writes,

      HI You are so right! water is king! if you had nothing to eat, you could survive on water alone a lot longer than anything else on this planet! It is totally life giving. I’ve done the water challenge too and my skin seriously looked so hydrated and well for sure. I will be talking about essential oils on this blog at some point but I haven’t gotten there yet. Thank you so much for stopping by.


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