3 Best Home Remedies To Get Rid Of Hiccups

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Learn natural and simple ways of relieving hiccups that have been making you and your loved ones miserable. Hiccups can occur at any time without warning and can put a hindrance on your day to day activities. 

So I have put together the best remedies to help you get rid of hiccups once and for all.

Hiccups are not selective of who they decide to attack, adults have a hard time with them but even babies and toddlers as well. I recall some of the weird but effective remedies that family and friends used to relieve little babies of the hiccups.

I remember the use of gripe water and using the “scare” tactic to get rid of the hiccups which would almost always make the poor child laugh.

One of the quirky remedies that stuck with me though, is putting a match stick in the child’s curly hair. Did it work? I have no idea.

What Are Hiccups

It is an irritation of the nerves in and around the diaphragm resulting in sudden involuntary spasms and contractions. Each contraction is followed by a sudden fastening of the vocal cords which makes the oh-so -familiar “hic” sound. Overeating and drinking can result in that irritations when we eat spicy foods and consume bubbly drinks as well. (source)


While hiccups are usually harmless and resolves on their own, they can very rarely be the symptom of an underlying medical condition. If the onset on hiccups lasts for more than a few hours and the natural remedies weren’t able to get rid of the hiccups, seek medical attention.

What Causes Hiccups

Eating too much
Consuming carbonated drinks
Eating spicy/hot foods
Eating too quickly
Abdominal surgery
Excessive drinking
Swallowing air as you eat
Sudden fear or excitement
Sudden change in temperature

Other causes of hiccups can be from certain medications that cause nerve damage or irritation of the diaphram too.

While hiccups are usually temporary, they can last a lot longer than one would expected, like hours, days or months. This is called long term or prolonged hiccups that may interfere with:

Other Activities

Natural Home Remedies For Getting Rid Of Hiccups

1. Orange

The juice of half an orange gets rid of the hiccups almost instantly! I read about it in one of my favorite natural health books and I tried it and boom! Hiccups were gone.

2. Honey

The natural sweetness will stimulate the nerve and soothe your diaphragm. Take one tbsp of real organic honey and let it go down slowly. You can also put the honey in a 1/4 cup of warm water and take small sips til it is gone.

3. Ginger Root

Drinking a cup of warm ginger tea will get rid of the hiccups by soothing the diaphragm. Take small sips until you no longer have hiccups.

I know how annoying hiccups can be and getting rid of them is all you will be trying to do at this point!. I hope you found relieve with one of these home remedies for hiccups.

Note : If your hiccups are persistent, seek medical attention to rule out any underlying medical issues.

Have these remedies worked for you? Let me know down in the comment section.

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